We all have a story.  Perhaps you have been an athlete for years or you recently have been diagnosed with a major illness.  Maybe you are somewhere in between...a friend led you to a class and you found out you liked it, or you want to lose weight or gain flexibility.  

My story is simple.  I love helping people reach their fitness goals.  I love when someone new to exercise tries my class and becomes hooked on it.  I love when old friends try something new and find out they really enjoy it.  I love helping people find their fitness journey. I want to bring everyone to a place where they feel good about themselves.  Whether I am the start of your story or you are beginning a new chapter in fitness, I welcome the opportunity to work with you! 

If you like to immerse yourself in nature, we offer classes at College Green Park in the summer where the city is abuzz with the Farmer's Market and lots of activity nearby.  Large trees provide shade and there is always a soft spot on the grass to lay your mat.  Drop in's are welcome and mats are provided!  If the idea of heat and people watching you is not your thing, I totally get that. I also provide intimate class settings for beginner and mobility classes.  Each class has no more than 6 people which allows for lots of personal attention.  Whichever your preference, you will make friends, feel comfortable and have a great experience.

What's your story?  Where are you on your fitness journey?

It's about YOUR fitness journey.



Denise’s yoga class is a unique experience. Her home studio is a comfortable, supportive environment where members of the class practice yoga as a group of friends who are not competing against each other but instead, are very much at ease and enjoying the relaxed camaraderie. Denise provides individual attention with a gentle touch that makes us all feel accomplished. I find the pace perfect for what I need –poses that have given me increased flexibility as well as resolution of some of the soreness that comes with my other work-outs. Denise sometimes introduces more challenging options but never pressures anyone into doing more than we might wish. When class is over, the “Namaste” is heartfelt.
                                                                                                                                              ~Deborah W.

When I started yoga with Denise, I had really limited flexibility and some bicycling injuries and was a bit apprehensive that I would not be able to keep up. Denise put me at ease and modified any pose that I was not able to do for flexibility or injury reasons and I gradually became more and more limber. Denise has a way of making you feel that you are the most special person in class and everyone feels this way with her. She has warmth, knowledge, and always cheers us on to try new poses and reach higher in a non-competitive and affirmative way. She gauges the general make-up of the class and how we feel and can tailor our practice accordingly. She varies her plans for the class as well as the music so that we are never bored. She also does a great job of explaining how to properly position and breathe for each pose. I highly recommend Denise's yoga instruction- I have become a regular and am loving it!

                                                                                                                                            ~Helene D.

Denise makes sure her students are doing their poses properly.  She deals with each person in a very thoughtful manner.  All of her instruction is done in a very non-judgmental way. I feel like I am more limber than I was before I started yoga and have fewer joint aches.

                                                                                                                                             ~Mary M.

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Classes start June 2018





It's about YOUR fitness journey!