Certifications: Yoga instructor, Kids Yoga, BUTI Yoga, Yoga Body Bootcamp, Piloxing Knockout


My name is Denise Harder and I am a certified Yoga instructor and fitness instructor. My path towards teaching came as my kids started driving.  I found freedom in my schedule to do things I loved doing. I began taking more and more fitness classes and soon became an instructor.  The desire to keep learning more and doing more with my body led me to Yoga.  I knew little about Yoga when I started.  But because Yoga is so much more than 'exercising', I find myself always wanting to learn more.  My passion is now bringing Yoga to everyone:  Children, Mom's, Sororities, Clubs, Church groups, Bachelorette Parties, Work places, Runners, Cyclists.  Every group and person can benefit from Yoga! I love introducing new people to Yoga and also working with experienced Yogis.  Once you find the type of Yoga practice that fits you, what's not to love about it?



Denise Harder  |   Iowa City Iowa, 52246 US  |  +1.3195309417  |  denisefit@outlook.com