Are you new to yoga?  Are you inflexible?  Does the thought of wearing yoga pants freak you out? Do visuals of young, beautiful, flexible yogis balancing upside down, on one arm, with a twist, on a mountain top, make you run the other way?  

Don't worry.  You CAN do yoga! There are so many different types of yoga! You can find one that fits you!  

My in home classes are perfect for newbies and those who prefer smaller class settings.  Without mirrors or pressure, you move at a pace that's right for you.  Your fellow yogis support and celebrate your milestones.  They help you feel at home without judgment or insecurities.  You will probably find out that the yogis sharing your practice are a lot like you.

Want to plan a special yoga class? I offer yoga for bridal showers,  kids, birthday parties, teams or clubs!  

Email me at denisefit@outlook.com 

and let's chat! 

Denise Harder, Iowa City, Iowa 52246  319-5309417  |  denisefit@outlook.com