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Denise’s yoga class is a unique experience. Her home studio is a comfortable, supportive environment where members of the class practice yoga as a group of friends who are not competing against each other but instead, are very much at ease and enjoying the relaxed camaraderie. Denise provides individual attention with a gentle touch that makes us all feel accomplished. I find the pace perfect for what I need –poses that have given me increased flexibility as well as resolution of some of the soreness that comes with my other work-outs. Denise sometimes introduces more challenging options but never pressures anyone into doing more than we might wish. When class is over, the “Namaste” is heartfelt.
                                                                                                                                              ~Deborah W.

When I started yoga with Denise, I had really limited flexibility and some bicycling injuries and was a bit apprehensive that I would not be able to keep up. Denise put me at ease and modified any pose that I was not able to do for flexibility or injury reasons and I gradually became more and more limber. Denise has a way of making you feel that you are the most special person in class and everyone feels this way with her. She has warmth, knowledge, and always cheers us on to try new poses and reach higher in a non-competitive and affirmative way. She gauges the general make-up of the class and how we feel and can tailor our practice accordingly. She varies her plans for the class as well as the music so that we are never bored. She also does a great job of explaining how to properly position and breathe for each pose. I highly recommend Denise's yoga instruction- I have become a regular and am loving it!

                                                                                                                                            ~Helene D.

Denise makes sure her students are doing their poses properly.  She deals with each person in a very thoughtful manner.  All of her instruction is done in a very non-judgmental way. I feel like I am more limber than I was before I started yoga and have fewer joint aches.

                                                                                                                                             ~Mary M.

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Group or Semi-Private Yoga

Group yoga is great for families, friends, sororities, sports teams, teachers, and  co-workers.  You can also combine these groups e.g. create a mom & daughter private yoga session with your friends. 

  • Beginners Yoga: For friends interested in trying yoga together in a comfortable environment.
  • Yoga for Sororities: Destress and take time from the hustle of activities and classes.
  • Yoga for Runners/Mountain Bikers/Dancers: repetitive motion can create tightness in the same muscle groups. Those that perform the same sports as you, likely have tightness in the same areas. We can develop a customized yoga program that can add balance to your fitness regime.
  • Mobility for Men:  Yoga for men increases flexibility, establishes mindfulness, and enhances athletic performance.
  • Busy Moms:Have limited time to care for yourself? Looking for a place to relax, destress, but also strengthen and develop lean, flexible muscles? We can develop a yoga program that allows you to spend time with friends and also give you the workout and work-in you need

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Yoga helps us build deeper connections to our bodies, intuition, environment, and to others; it enhances our relationships and makes them more meaningful.  DeniseFIt  is a welcoming and intimate home-based studio. It is a place to create positive connections with like-minded individuals. Studies show, the more connected we are with ourselves and with others, the happier and healthier we become! 


Yoga uses both isometric and eccentric contractions to simultaneously strengthen a muscle as it stretches, creating functional strength that assists us in everyday activities like bending over, lifting, walking, sitting down and standing up. Yoga relies on your own body as the "weight" and targets smaller stabilizing muscles that are often overlooked in traditional weight training. It is an excellent complement to other activities and sports. The true benefit of yoga lies beyond the physical. Yoga strengthens us on all levels (physical, emotional and mental) enabling us to deal with all of life's challenges. 

Yoga strengthens and trains our nervous system to deal with stressful situations. By relaxing and stretching your muscles, practicing slow deep breaths, and learning how to calm your mind via simple meditative techniques, you restore your body and mind and come into a more peaceful state.  Let DeniseFit  be your place to restore and rejuvenate.